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We make Rip-Roaring, Tone Bleeding, Dependable, Warrantied, Tough Sons of Switches. So despite the trend of terrible gear:

Let em' have it.

Artisanally handcrafted tools to shape sound

Custom Prototype Fuzz w/ Mullard OC85 Transistors

Custom Bass Overdrive in Cold Rolled American Steel Chassis

Handwired Burr Johnson Signature


I am a guitarist who regularly tours and plays out quite often, and had a ton of trouble with my renegade head. The power transformer died and took out some of the amp with it. I tried to bring it to numerous locations that I had trusted to do work in the past and not one shop or individual would touch this amplifier. After about a year of searching in frustration to find somebody to help me (the manufacturer included) I found Donato at Dual Stage Amplification. He heard my story and all the problems that came with it, and without hesitation said he would fix it and make it better than it ever could have been when I bought it. Throughout the entire process Donato kept me 100% informed and kept his word about making the amp better than ever. I cannot thank Donato enough!

- Shane Emery of
The Worthwhile Fight &
Say What You WIll

I was referred to Dual Stage Amplification by a local music store who was outsourcing jobs too extensive for them to handle. I am a gigging and recording musician, so I need my amp to be running 100% on a daily basis. I thought that my tubes had gone bad, but when Donato at Dual Stage looked at it he uncovered more issues that I was unaware of. The difference between Dual Stage Amplification and other businesses, is that there is love in the work being done. My amp sounded like the day it came from the factory. Through his recommendation, we put KT66 tubes instead of the EL34 tubes inside which gave the amp a new and exciting feel. Donato went above and beyond with the service, that he offered me for a fair and reasonable price. I have recommended Dual Stage Amplification to several musicians that I know, and I am now working with Donato on having a custom amplifier built for me. Thank you Donato!

-Angelo Graziano of
Epoch Era

As a gigging musician and songwriter, my mind tends to stay in writing and performing. I honestly don’t know the first time about the inner-workings of my gear, so it’s breath of fresh air to know someone like Donato who is knowledgeable about all kinds of amplifiers, guitars, and pro sound. He’s fixed several of our band’s amps and worked a miracle on my Gibson SG! Over time, he’s has built a reputation of quality service and craftsmanship. I know I can trust Donato to answer my questions and keep my gear in top performing condition.

-Gareth Cometa of